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A Simple Christmas is a collection of vegan recipes for the holiday season. This e-book is full of rich, warming, and simple foods to help you enjoy Christmas in a kind and stress-free way.

In 70+ pages, Katherine shares with you her favourite recipes to celebrate the yule tide and all of its flavours. This e-book takes your average recipe book and gives it a vegan twist, with a multitude of recipes ranging from traditional Christmas favourites to new seasonal dishes. You can look forward to simple and delicious recipes such as: Cosy Gingerbread Waffles, Frozen Berry Cinnamon Rolls, Winter Vegetable Wellington, Stollen for Snowy Days, and so much more!

A Simple Christmas – our first ebook!

NOTICE: ‘A Simple Christmas’ was published and put on sale before our rebrand to Amongst The Flour. Our previous brand name, Rhythm & Green, is the name in which this book is published by. Your purchase will not be affected by this change. Thank you. A Simple Christmas is a…

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